Helping Students Achieve Success

ACT, SAT, and PSAT Preparation Courses
Classes offer an organized, comprehensive approach to relevant skill review and practice for each standardized test.
Math and Engineering Classes
The curriculum provides a strong focus in the areas of math, engineering, technology and science. Math skills/concepts are introduced, practiced and then applied to real-world activities.
Private Math, Science, ACT, SAT and PSAT Tutoring
Steve can help your child accelerate his/her performance on school work or extend learning with a specifically designed program of study.
26 years of ACT Prep Instruction and Passion for Educating Students

Experience how Steve’s energy, passion, and experience can transform your child’s educational performance.

Test Prep Classes

Designed for students who are interested in making a serious commitment to maximizing their test  results.

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Math/Engineering Classes

Courses are designed to accelerate performance, develop understanding, and encourage a love of math and engineering.

Private Tutoring

Receive one-on-one assistance with homework or specific instruction in math, science, PSAT, SAT & ACT prep.