ACT Prep Class Testimonials

Mr. O’Toole is an impressive teacher; both his PSAT and ACT classes are efficient, extremely well run and very helpful. I have taken prep courses from Kaplan and Princeton Review; nothing compares to his course. Mr. O’Toole’s personal approach, humor, energy, and course rigor are unmatched in my experiences! The net result of his instruction can be seen in the results of my ACT – my composite score increased by six points!!!

Bryan M. Bloomington

We decided to have our sons travel the extra 25 miles to Eden Prairie to attend Mr. OToole’s ACT Prep class because we heard it was a fantastic learning experience. We were not disappointed – the boys enjoyed Steve’s enthusiasm, expertise, and method of delivery. Although they had attended other ACT prep classes in the past, Steve’s class was far and away the most valuable and it showed in their increased scores on the test. They were much more prepared, relaxed, and confident as a result of Steve’s coaching.

Kevin B. Farmington

Our daughter drove from Stillwater to take the ACT Review Course with Steve O’Toole. She thought very highly of Mr. O’Toole and said he was the best instructor she has ever had! Steve O’Toole provided individual guidance and even went out of his way to schedule separate review sessions for those who could not make all regularly scheduled classes. This ACT Review Course reviewed key skills and then focused on strategies for taking the ACT. He also included several practice tests to help the students become familiar with what to expect when taking the ACT test. We highly recommend this course for others!

Jo C. Stillwater

Hey Mr. O’Toole!
I took the October ACT test my final time a few weeks ago.  The multiple choice scores were posted online this morning. I’m happy to report that I received a composite score of 35.  For individual sections, I scored 36 on english (not quite sure how I pulled that one off, but I did), 36 on math, 33 on reading, and 34 on science.

I’d like to thank you for helping me with all of those classes.  Your classes helped me improve my score (a composite of 29 last April) a jump of 6 composite points.

Thank you!

M.D. Eden Prairie

I enrolled in Mr. O’Toole’s ACT class because I love his direct teaching style. He understands high school students are very busy, and has a well-designed class in which we learn the material in an efficient manner. Mr. O’Toole’s teaching style was a great fit for me. He teaches the concept to the class and during work time gives individual help as needed. Class was always fun because his engaging manner and humor with the students. He is very persistent and will make sure everyone understands the material. In class, we were constantly challenged with the most difficult problems we would face – this made the real test much easier by comparison. I felt the class was a great resource for me, and was the primary reason for my 3 point increase in score. While the class was only 11 sessions, we efficiently covered all the material along with test taking strategies.

John H. Eden Prairie

We have a long history of positive educational experiences with Steve O’Toole, so when it came time for our daughter to prepare for college entrance exams and after comparing programs available, his prep courses were our hands-down first choice! Steve is a gifted teacher who creates an environment of success for individual students of all abilities. His program ensures that students gain familiarity with the exam’s structure and format in a way that helps them do their best work on test day. Full of tips for how to improve answer selection success and preparation techniques, this course can be an asset to every student. His engaging style, energy, high expectations and “work hard but have fun” approach to teaching had our daughter excited to return to class each day! And even though she would be considered an accomplished student, her ACT score improved with each class practice test! This is one investment with high returns and worth every penny.

Deb C. E.P.

Mr. O’Toole excelled in all areas of his teaching. Regarding his ACT prep class, he had a comprehensive knowledge of the structure of the test, he solidified all of the skills and concepts that we would see on the test, and he gave us strategies for performing our best on test day. Not only was Mr. O’Toole very knowledgeable about what he was teaching, he presented the material in an engaging, exciting way. Humor and treats were always involved–which made going to class fun! Mr. O’Toole also cared about each and every student, and he made sure that every student succeeded. Mr. O’Toole has high expectations, he challenged us on a daily basis, and as a result, he got more out of me than I ever thought possible. He always held true to his Marine Corps mottos, “Semper Fi” and “Carpe Diem,” and he encouraged his students for reach for the stars! After completing his ACT prep course, I felt confident and ready to take the exam.

MacKenna K. P. Eden Prairie

I knew Mr. O’Toole as a football coach and heard about his excellent reputation of helping students raise their ACT scores. Mr. O’Toole had us take practice tests, then provided individual feedback as to specific elements of our performance in each section. The biggest benefit of this class was the instruction of specific skills needed for the test. Not only did his course help me for the ACT test, but in addition, the skills learned helped me in my AP Language and Composition class. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning techniques not only to be used on the ACT but other tests as well.

Matt C. Eden Prairie