ACT Test Prep Classes


This course is designed for students interested in achieving the maximum results on their ACT. (Please read the Testimonials for the courses)

Improving performance on the ACT takes a serious commitment of time, effort, and practice.  There is no shortcut to learning the hundreds of skills covered on the ACT or  “tricks” to beat the test.  Shorter, less rigorous prep courses simply cannot cover all of the necessary concepts needed to produce optimal results.  This course presents a challenging, organized, comprehensive approach to relevant skill review and practice for the ACT.  The focus of the instruction is not only to teach significant concepts associated with each test but also to develop confidence and familiarity with the format of the the exams. Using this plan for 26 years, students have demonstrated consistent and appreciable improvement in testing performance.

***After completing the ACT prep course, students may attend scheduled ACT review sessions during the year free of charge in order to review/prepare for retesting opportunities***

ACT Prep Class

    • 34 hours of classroom instruction, student support, testing opportunities, and review options in addition to weekly assignments outside of class
    • Access to 18 complete practice tests and a data bank of review materials for specific skills/concepts
    • Each student is provided with a test prep book to help support additional skill review/testing opportunities
    • Class sizes are smaller than typical test prep courses; this encourages participation and student/teacher interaction. Steve works directly with all participants to personalize both the instruction and any necessary remediation to meet individual needs.
    • Teaching is student-focused and presented in an energetic and engaging manner. Classes are active learning environments in which students are encouraged to ask questions, participate, and solve problems. Ultimately, the classroom environment is one of the keys to the significant progress students make in the course.
    • ACT prep classes lead directly up to an official testing date. The content of the courses is carefully designed for students to peak the week they are scheduled to take the ACT. This helps to ensure maximum performance and minimizes retention issues that occur when a prep class is taken well in advance of a student’s actual test date.
    • Summer courses are offered weekdays at the Eden Prairie High School.
    • School year courses are offered on Sundays at the Eden Prairie High School at noon to minimize scheduling conflicts.
    • This course has served students from Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Edina, Shakopee, Chaska, Chanhassen, Bloomington, Wayzata, Maple Grove, Prior Lake, Lakeville, St. Paul and Stillwater.



By comparison, Kaplan -recognized nationally for the thoroughness of its direct-instruction ACT prep classes – offers fewer hours of instruction/testing (24-27 hours), larger average class sizes, and fewer opportunities for extra student support.  The prices of the Kaplan classes start at $899 and can cost as much as $1500!


    • Summer: June – Sept. June 18th – Sept. 4th, Late-Morning and Early Afternoon Classes
    • Winter: Jan. – April Meets at noon on Sundays at EPHS beginning on January 26th

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Other Prep Classes OfferedPSAT/SAT Prep Class

  • Classes are held primarily on Sundays at noon to avoid weeknight conflicts.
  • 14+ hours of classroom instruction, student support, and testing practice in addition to weekly assignments outside of class
  • Access to 10 complete practice tests and a data bank of review materials for specific skills/concepts
  • Specific testing strategies for the PSAT/SAT are introduced and practiced
  • Similar class attributes and instructional strategies as the ACT prep class

    COST: $250

  • Fall: Sept. – Oct. Meets at noon on Sundays at EPHS
    2019 Dates – September 15, 22, 29   October 6, and Monday October 7

Effective Preparation Makes a Measurable Difference

The personal attention and thorough preparation students receive in the course have translated into consistently improved test scores. The comfortable, yet focused atmosphere builds confidence and produces excellent results.

Course Plan for Students

  • All participants will take a complete practice exam to begin the course. The test will be broken down and analyzed for patterns of strengths and weaknesses; each student will receive a specific performance summary.
  • Students provide information regarding their previous standardized test scores, submit a current grade transcript and complete a self-assessment on academic performance. This information will be used to help guide the content and focus of individual lessons.
  • Weekly lessons cover major concepts from math, English, reading, science (ACT only) and writing. Students will complete numerous exercises to practice and apply these skills.
  • Participants learn and practice test-taking strategies using timed test simulations. Strategies are also offered to address testing anxiety issues.
  • Additional skill and testing material is provided for all students
  • Multiple practice tests are taken prior to the official exams.
  • Rather than attempting to cram and memorize, the content and pacing of the course is presented to allow students truly learn and understand the material.



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Points to Ponder

Performance on college entrance exams has taken increasingly greater significance given the vast differences in g.p.a. calculations used by schools. The only uniform standard to compare students statewide and nationwide is either ACT or SAT test scores. Given this reality, students who fail to adequately prepare for these tests may well be limiting their options for college, including the opportunity for academic scholarships. Furthermore, with a college education cost of $80,000 to $300,000 for a four-year degree, it makes economic sense to fully prepare for the ACT. Regardless of ability level, students who embark on a regular and directed plan of study for the test will more likely perform at a level consistent with their ability. Although any preparation can help, the majority of students lack the persistence, background, and knowledge necessary to efficiently prepare for the ACT on their own. The sheer volume of information to review makes self-study a significant challenge for most students.