Math and Engineering Testimonials

Both of my daughters not only loved Mr. OToole’s Math/Engineering class but also gained confidence and mastery of skills that stretched them far beyond their current grade level. The benefits of his class have been immeasurable and I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to stretch their child’s learning in science and math. The ability to work with challenging math and science concepts in a fun, collaborative and dynamic way has been valuable to them and has absolutely increased their achievement in school.

J. B. Eden Prairie

We have had our son and daughter attend Mr. O’Toole’s math and engineering classes since they were in grade school. Our kids are still attending his summer program now that they’re in middle school and 9th grade. The best part about Mr. O’Toole’s classes is that the kids are doing real things with math. They are thinking, creating, problem-solving and generating new knowledge using math. This is motivating for the children and really pushes them to use their critical thinking skills, creativity and cognitive abilities in a meaningful context! Our kids absolutely love the classes! Mr. O’Toole is a master teacher who knows how to approach each and every child so that all students connect with math and learning. Not only have these classes prepared our kids for success in math in school, but have made our kids love math for the sake of math. And that is more than we could have ever asked for!

Anne D. Eden Prairie

Mr. O’Toole is one of the best teachers I know and the favorite teacher of my son. Mr. O’Toole has an extensive knowledge of mathematics and engineering and his classes are serious while encouraging and fun. I think Mr. O’Toole has built his credibility in our community; students and parents trust in his ability to teach. We respect him not only for his knowledge, but for his overall positive attitude, high expectations and actions. He doesn’t just teach students mathematics and engineering, but also important skills in life.

Frances C. Eden Prairie

All three of my boys have participated in Mr. O’Toole’s math enrichment classes. I especially appreciate the math/engineering program because it keeps students engaged with math concepts that are challenging yet fun, like rockets and also using Microsoft Excel to build spreadsheets for their “businesses”. What’s funny about Mr. O’Toole’s math is that is so interesting and exciting that the kids do not even realize that they are learning. I not only admire his ability to teach difficult subjects but I especially appreciate his positive leadership in their lives as he encourages them not to be just great students, but caring, kind and all-around better human beings. He is an exceptional teacher and coach and I am thankful for the influence that he has had on my three young men.

L. S. Eden Prairie

Both of my daughters have taken classes with Steve. They really enjoy learning about and “trying out” how math gets used in everyday life. Steve does a great job of showing, through hands on activities, how to apply math to all kinds of real life activities such as roller coasters, spreadsheets, hot dog stands and rockets. These classes have shown them that math is valuable and fun. They have been challenged to think creatively and have had their interest piqued for subjects that they are taking in school (robotics, model building, etc.). Steve is a very engaging instructor who finds interesting ways to teach the kids how to apply math through the use of matchbox cars, rockets, robots and other fun things. We are looking forward to the next class that he has available so that we can sign up.

Kara S. Eden Prairie

We have had three kids -two girls, one boy – attend the math/engineering classes; all three have enjoyed and benefitted from the instruction. Steve is able to engage and maintain kids’ interest by using projects, such as model building and launching rockets, to demonstrate and drive home engineering and math concepts in a way they understand. In addition, last spring after NWEA testing, one of our kids came home and said, “You know, Mom, I think Mr. O’Toole’s math class helped me on my NWEA math test because I actually knew how to do things on the test that I would not have if I hadn’t taken the after school class.” That child’s math score increased over 20 points. I highly recommend the classes!

Amy H. Eden Prairie