Private Tutoring


Have your child learn in a personalized, efficient, and motivating environment with Steve’s individual tutoring.  All sessions are held in Eden Prairie.

Private tutoring sessions provide students maximum focus and attention in a particular area of study. Courses can be utilized to assist with homework, review concepts, or learn new material.

Math and Science Tutoring

Private tutoring can be designed to assist students with specific math or science courses. Participants may use the one-on-one sessions to review school-related homework and to receive enhanced concept instruction. Additionally, accelerated instruction on complete courses/topics not yet covered in a student’s education can be provided. Previous to the start of tutoring sessions, parents complete an evaluation form to provide background information (skills, abilities, challenges and test scores) relative to their child. With this information, an effective and efficient plan will be designed to improve your child’s performance and understanding of key math and/or science concepts.

Individual Tutoring for ACT/SAT/PSAT Prep

Whether preparing to take one of the primary standardized tests for the first time or working to enhance an existing score, students can utilize Steve’s 23 years of ACT/SAT/PSAT instructional experience to improve their performance on these critical college entrance tests. All students take a complete practice test and provide a history of testing and classroom performance in critical areas. Using this information, a truly individualized and efficient program will be developed to help your child improve specific skills, understand concepts, review testing strategies and practice taking the test under timed conditions.