Math/Engineering Classes

rocketCourses are designed to accelerate performance, develop understanding and encourage a love of math and engineering (please read Testimonials).

Classes provide an exciting, energetic, hands-on environment.

Math, science and engineering skills are introduced, practiced and then applied to real-world activities. Specific concepts covered in class vary by grade level, but all courses include elements of geometry, algebra, engineering and physics.

Class Applications


  • Investigate and test the forces of flight (planes and rockets)
  • Utilize slingshots to measure momentum and kinetic energy
  • Study pneumatic pressure: create and test various projectiles
  • Learn basic computer programming to solve real-life problems
  • Test and calculate the effects of gravity
  • Calculate the speed, acceleration and power of race cars
  • Apply physics concepts and equations. (projectiles, momentum and reaction time)
  • Design amusement park rides

Course Attributes

  • A developed plan to prepare students for higher levels of math
  • Different courses are offered to meet the needs of various skill levels and ages
  • Enrollment is open to students from all cities and school districts
  • This is an energetic, student-focused environment – students truly have fun learning math!

Class Calendar

Different courses are offered for students currently in second through eighth grade.  Individual classes are comprised of students of similar age and ability levels (each grade level generally has two performance-based options). Classes meet two times per week – each session is one hour – for a total of seven weeks over the summer. Given the reality of busy summer schedules, students may select a five, six or seven week option. For more information on specific times, costs, and registration, e-mail Steve at with the following information about your child:

  • name and current grade level (2016-17 school year)
  • standardized test results in math – percentiles are best
  • school math placement (regular, enriched, or accelerated)
  • observations relative to math performance

Early registration is encouraged, as classes have filled quickly in the past years. Students are encouraged to register with friends of the same ability level.