36 Questions to Ask on a College Visit

As you begin to plan for college visits, how do you determine which will ones will be the best fit?  Do you know about a school’s academic reputation or majors which are highly regarded?  Is location important and is cost a significant factor?  In this U.S. News article,  Lynn O’Shaughnessy proposes 36 questions you may consider asking while on a college visit.  Good luck on your college trips!


Writing an Effective College Essay

U.S. News and World Report inteviewed admissions staff at various colleges for suggestions on formulating an effective college essay.  The respondents suggested that it was not the topic that made a difference, but rather the voice and creative aspects that the student employed in the paper.  The article offers some general guidelines for creating an effective story and also provides specific examples of well-written essays.

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Prepare for College with these Summer Opportunities

Princeton Review presents a list of activities that students can complete over the summer to help improve their chances in the college selection process.  Each of these suggestions provides an opportunity for students to show a level of initiative and maturity that demonstrates readiness for college.

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College Planning Tool

The College Board has created an exceptional resource which allows students and parents to plan for college.  This site website offers the following the following tools:

  • Finding colleges which are the best fit

  • Explore different careers and majors

  • Paying for College

  • Admissions

  • Creating a plan